Most people tend to think that domain names and web hosting are the same thing. The confusion usually appears when a hosting provider offers their services inclusive of a domain name registration.
The real difference is that a domain name is the online name of your store that customers will identify with at first before even clicking on your page. Web hosting is that person or company who provides their web developing services to get your online store up and running. In simple terms, a domain name is a door while web hosting is the service providing your e-commerce house space.
The hosting providers range from free web hosting ones to cheap web hosting providers from all parts of the world (including USA web hosting and Canadian web hosting). Some of the most famous web hosting providers are wix.com, Shopify and WordPress. You will need to review your checklist to determine which one you would like to get in bed with. Some of the factors that determine picking a hosting provider may include:
  • CAPITAL: Those who do not have enough capital may prefer the free web hosting provider.
  • QUALITY: Those who consider quality over price may go for premium domains which call for some investment in setting up.
  • TECH PROWESS: Free web hosting providers may be ideal here as a tech-savvy person may know how to customize their e-commerce site without a hassle. If you are not tech savvy, this route will be an unnecessary pain.
  • HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN IN E-COMMERCE: While newbies are open to learning the handle of things, those who have been around e-commerce stores know exactly what they are looking for in a hosting provider.
  • DO YOU MIND SHARING SPACE WITH OTHER SITE OWNERS? Cloud hosting is known for looking out for their clients through providing shared internet space. They are an economical and convenient way to start a new e-commerce site since they are cheap almost always available in case of any site issues. They would be a perfect fit for a newbie who wants things up and running in no time.


Domains extensions, or better known as Top Level Domains (TLD), come in different forms. There are those used for general purpose, those expressing a more personal touch, and those giving the online surfer a glimpse of where you are located.


This is a TLD that is generic. Generic Top Level Domain (GTLD) is one of the most common TLDs in the market with .com at the top of their list. Getting a hold of one is a bit more difficult due to their popular characteristic, thus, you may require to go through some eligibility tests to qualify for one. They are usually set up there with the Premium Domains as they cost a bit more than the other TLDs.


The New Top Level Domain is the most recent and personal of all domains. Those who seek to place some character and passion into their domain names would love to get this domain. They include .buzz and .app. The minute a potential site visitor checks out the domain name, they already know what to expect when they visit your site.


Country Code, Top Level Domains, are another common type of domain names. They show the physical address of the e-commerce site such as .The US for those in the States and .IN for those in India. Some e-commerce owners prefer these so their visitors can know their location in case of deliveries. Plus it takes away wasting time on telling clients your location.


Please be sure to run all the domain names you pick by Domain Whois (Whois.com). They are known for sniffing out the real from the fake domains thus saving a lot of time wasted on settling law suits and finding legit domain names.
The “Prices Domains” such as .com may cost you a bit of a fortune, but they worth it in the end since they enhance online visibility. Customers also find those kinds of domains more trustworthy and reliable.