To have multiple domains, you need to have at least more than one website of a similar company. Some entrepreneurs tend to think that having more than one website for their company will help them sell different products to different audiences. This idea works if you have different stores with different products. With a site for different audiences, one has to customize messaging services, emails and sales materials. Taking in to account the functionality of the website, you need to consider its roles. Despite a few disadvantages attached to this, multiple domains hosting has many advantages.

1.    A single business with diverse audience

When it comes to communicating with different audiences, one size does not fit all. Each of your audiences or rather clients have their own different set of expectations and needs about the kind of services and products which they need. With multiple domains, you can tailor the contents of the sites to meet their interests. The benefit that comes with this is the ability is that your audience doesn’t have to go through a bunch of irrelevant information before finding what they are actually looking for. This will help save both your time and that of your clients.

2.    Niche website for displaying specialization

Niche websites are best appealing especially when used with sites that are large and generic. Large websites have the possibility of experiencing too much overlap with other sites that are competing, and this reduces the possibility of adding links to it. Niche sites do not need to be small as long as they can give way to specialization which is helpful to complement the services provided by other sites. A niche site puts a company in a position where it can develop deep topic-specific content and also support niche services and products.

3.    High turnover

There are some companies which change their name occasionally. Companies such as law and financial may change their associates or partners hence forcing them to either modify or completely change the name of the company. This is so especially where the company in question has branches in multiple regions or states. Therefore, with multiple domains, it is possible to establish the identity of the firm.


Nevertheless, it is important to know the amount of fee charged for hosting a website. Even though the hosting fee may determine which service provider to choose, you still need to consider other things such as performance and customer support.