There are some steps involved when selecting the best company to host your site. The first step is to identify your needs while at the same time considering the future growth of your website. It may not be that hard to choose one out of a long list thinking that some of these providers have already arranged their hosting deals based on business segments such as small business, resellers or e-commerce. Pay attention to make sure you don’t leave out some valuable features. For you to receive best services, you need to choose the best web hosting services.

a)   InMotion Hosting

At first glance, you may be pushed away by the fact that this company has majored in business products. However, besides having specialized in business products, they also deal with individual users as well. In fact, this company has a good range of choices for you. They can provide you with a starter account with the ability to host at least two websites. This is a feature unavailable from many of the providers. Moreover, this hosting platform provides its users with a plan to offer extra charges for both spam and malware protection.

b)  1&a

1&1 is one of the few reputable website hosting companies this decade. In fact, it is currently competing with some of the renowned providers such as GoDaddy not forgetting that is the biggest provider in Europe. It has a couple of freebies (free unlimited space and domain) with a 30-day trial after which you get refunded if you are not satisfied. This provider offers you geo-redundancy, also known as transparent replication.

c)   GoDaddy

This is the United States based hosting company largest in the game and with a renowned reputation. Some of their services include a free offer on storage and backup including a 99% guaranteed unlimited storage. Furthermore, they offer their customers with a free domain together with unlimited bandwidth. All these offered features are just enough to hold your hosting capacity. The latter comes in handy in occasions where you experience a sudden surge in traffic.

d)  NameCheap

If you have limited finances but you still want to host your website, NameCheap is the place to go. The primary aim of this company is to serve clients who have just enough money. These providers have a heavyweight plan that includes a guaranteed discount for the first year. Not that they give out 50 email accounts and 20GB hard disk space at a very affordable price.


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